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Intellectual Terrorism by CAG

Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum (Regd.)

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Dtd. 7th October 2011


The Honorable President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devsingh Patil

The Honorable Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh

The Honorable Chief Justice of India, Justice S. H. Kapadia

Dear Honorable Madam/Sirs,

We are concerned at the letter dated 5th October 2011 (copied below) addressed to you (all three) by Coalition Against Genocide, supported by 35 so called Human Rights organisation working abroad. The letter is nothing but intellectual terrorism and also a direct interference in our judicial process and democratic functioning.

CAG is just distorting the facts. On 11th May 2005, the Hon. Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri Sriprakash Jaiswal informed the Rajya Sabha that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in Gujarat in the post-Godhra riots of 2002. Thus it is apparent that it was Riots in which both Muslims and Hindus were involved. How can they call this a Genocide? CAG is building castles on false foundation.

CAG is threatening to launch an international campaign on behalf of Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt. This amounts to interfering in the internal affairs of our country. By this way, they are trying to intellectually terrorise the Government of India and the judiciary to submit to their whims and fancy. Their intention seems to be to boost the morale of anti-national and terrorist forces and to destabilise the country by spreading communal hatred.

In the name of Human Rights, some fringe elements are bent upon supporting terrorists and also those who work against the unity and integrity of our country. In fact, they had succeeded in getting bail for Dr. Binayak Sen, who was sentenced to Life Imprisonment, for sedition and for supporting Maoists, by the Raipur Secession Court and whose bail plea was rejected by the Chattisgarh High Court. By taking recourse to intellectual terrorism, they had also succeeded in declaring "Salwa Judum" unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, which in fact has helped the Maoists. Under such conditions, it is difficult for the state governments to counter Maoist-Naxalite terrorism.

The electronic media also seems to have joined hands with these so called Human Rights Activists, in sensationalizing and blowing up the arrest of Mr. Sanjiv Bhattt and influencing the decision of the administration and the judiciary, as they did in the case of Dr. Sen.

The arrest of Mr. Bhatt is an internal matter of our country, and overseas organisations have no business to put mental pressure on or interfere in the functioning of our democratically elected governments.

We, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum, a body of journalists, writers, authors and intellectuals, earnestly appeal to your Honours, not to succumb to such intellectual terrorism from within the country or from abroad and ‘media trials’. Let the law take its course and let truth prevail.

P. Deivamuthu
Founder President, HJIF
Editor, Hindu Voice (Monthly)

Coalition Against Genocide letter demands action over the arrest of whistle-blower cop Sanjiv Bhatt

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011


The Honorable President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devsingh Patil

The Honorable Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh

The Honorable Chief Justice of India, Justice S. H. Kapadia

Dear Honorable Sir/Madam

The Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) seeks your urgent intervention in the case of the arrest of Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt, a distinguished IPS Officer from Gujarat, whose main crime has been to speak truth about the 2002 violence in Gujarat. As incumbents of the three highest offices of the Indian State, we cannot but turn to you at this moment of crisis. The Coalition Against Genocide is an advocacy coalition that was created in the wake of the Gujarat carnage of 2002 with the single purpose of working to bring the perpetrators of the genocide and other communal crimes to justice. We stand steadfast behind Mr. Bhatt and are committed to launching an international campaign on his behalf in the absence of corrective action by the Central Government to ensure his safety, and to bring an end to this vengeful retaliation against him. Without reiterating the well known facts to the case, we do want to bring to your notice:

The increasing misuse of the law to harass those on the side of truth has reached crisis proportions in India. Over the last decade the number of whistleblowers who have been put under extreme duress through the misuse of the law against them is a matter of much concern. Mr. Bhatt's arrest is simply the most recent case, and given the truth at stake, the most egregious one. Such treatment of whistleblowers (several of whom have been killed) positions India as a gross violator of human rights from an international human rights standpoint.

In the case of Mr. Bhatt we also wish to state that he had already moved the Supreme Court on the same FIR and therefore Modi government's intervention amounts to an interference with judicial process and makes all the more visible its desperation and vindictive attitude.

We respectfully urge you to act without delay. CAG has also decided to move forward, beginning Monday, Oct 10th, with an international human rights campaign unless the matter is seized on by the highest offices of the state. While we are bound by our ethics to stand on the side of truth and justice we sincerely hope that we will not need to launch such a campaign.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum

(A NGO promoted by Hindu Voice and Registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950)
Regn. No. E-25872(M) dtd. 15th July 2009
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1. Does the GoI consider Indians as potential criminals?
Just before the Allahabad High Court was to give its verdict on 30th Sept. 2010 on the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Structure issue, the Govt. of India came out with large advertisements in all leading newspapers asking people to maintain peace. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister came on TV, and advised people to maintain calm. The home ministry identified several sensitive areas where trouble could erupt. A huge troop mobilisation was made. Even Air Force helicopters were pressed into service and Rapid Action Forces were kept ready to be moved to troubled spots. There was a virtual fear psychosis created across the country. Many MNCs and offices closed their shops for the day, and declared holiday. The loss to the economy due to this self-imposed curfew is enormous. The roads, bus stops, railway stations and the markets wore a deserted look.
This is when both the litigants guaranteed calm, and if they have grievances they will appeal to the Supreme Court. Promises were made prominently by the RSS chief Shri Mohanji Bhagvat, and others on the Hindu side. So too the Sunni Waqf Board and Muslim leaders made assurance that they will maintain peace, and will resort to legal recourse.
The judgement has come. As promised, both Hindus and Muslims have maintained peace. There is no untoward incidents all over this vast nation.
Under these circumstances, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Form feels that the Government of India owes an explanation to the nation as to what made them to create this fear psychosis among the people. What was the need to take out such large advertisements appealing for peace? Whom were they afraid of creating trouble, when both the parties had assured peace? What was the necessity to mobilise even our Air Force? Does the Government of India consider its citizens as potential criminals and trouble makers? Was it done on the basis of any Intelligence Reports? All these questions need answers from the Govt.
The inference of the common man is that the Government of India has ended up with egg on its face. The people have shown enough maturity. But the Government has not.
2. SAHMAT trying to disturb communal harmony
While the parties to the dispute have maintained peace, a fringe organisation named SAHMAT has come out with a Statement on Ayodhya Verdict dated 1st October 2010 with a view to creating communal tension. The statement is signed by 61 'intellectuals' and 'eminent historians', many of whom are holding cozy govt. and semi-government positions and are enjoying government perks. They seem to be unhappy at the communal peace prevailing after the judgement.
The statement reads that "we cannot but see the judgement as yet another blow to the secular fabric of our country". Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum demands from Sahmat, in what way the judgement tears the secular fabric of the country? Secularism will be alive and kicking as long as Hindus are strong and in the majority. That is why when the Constitution was framed, none of the Hindu leaders insisted on the word 'secularism' in its Preamble. Only Smt. Indira Gandhi included it during emergency to fool the people, as though secularism was not existing from 1947 till 1975. That it has today come to mean as 'minority appeasement' is a different matter.
By stating that "The most objectionable part of the judgement is the legitimation it provides to violence and muscle-power" and "it accepts the destruction of the mosque in 1992", SAHMAT is trying to mislead the general public. The case in question was a civil suit. The question of demolition of Babri structure on 6th Dec. 1992 is an alleged criminal act and was out of the purview of this court.
SAHMAT's statement questions the findings of the Archeological Survey of India and calls it controversial. In fact, most of the signatories to the statement have all along been fooling the public by twisting the history of India and Hindus. The Allahabad High Court judgement has proved that they are all liars. The judgement has exposed them and therefore they are running helter-skelter. The ASI excavated the site in the presence of two judicial officers and many witnesses, many of whom were Muslims. Look at what Justice Sudhir Agarwal has stated in his judgement, "In our view, the conclusion drawn by the ASI in the project accomplished within an extra-ordinary brief period and with such an excellence precision and perfection deserve commendation and appreciation instead of condemnation." But SAHMAT thinks otherwise!
When even Muslim do not dispute that Lord Ram existed or that he was born in Ayodhya, the signatories to the statement have always been raising the canard of 'absence of evidence'. Although eminent persons like Shri Arun Shourie, Dr. Koenraad Elst, Dr.David Frawley, Late Shri Sita Ram Goel , Late Shri Ram Swarup, Dr. N.S. Rajaram etc., have exposed these "Eminences" in their respective works, they (the 'Eminences') have always been able to 'get away' with their 'fabrications' of our history and our civilizational ethos. It has taken nearly 60 years for Hindus to legally prove their (Hindus') claims and expose these lies. And they are now furious that the Allahabad High Court has refused to put its stamp of approval on all their fabrications and lies.
By casting aspersions on the AHC judgement, SAHMAT and the 61 'intellectuals' and 'eminent historians' who have signed the Statement have done an act which amounts to contempt of court. Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum appeals to the Supreme Court that it take suo moto action against all those signatories and the communal organisation, SAHMAT. These people must be proscribed and given exemplary punishment, for attempting to rekindle communal frenzy.
3. The supreme Court has already decided 'not to decide'
Both the litigants have declared that they will go to the Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court has already decided 'not to decide' on this case. On 7th January 1993, the President of India referred the issue to the Supreme Court for a decision. The Presidential reference read: "Whether a Hindu Temple or any religious structure existed prior to the construction of the Ramjanmabhoomi–Babri Masjid (including the premises of the inner and outer courtyards of such structure) in the areas on which the structure stood?"

Chief Justice of India M.N. Venkatachaliah, Justice J.S. Verma and Justice G.N. Ray together signed a judgement dated 24th October 1994, which said, in para 100(11): "We very respectfully decline to answer it and return the same". Justice A.M. Ahmadi and Justice S.P. Bharucha gave their judgement on the same day. Para 165 of their judgement read: "The Presidential Reference is returned respectfully, unanswered". Haven't they already decided 'not to decide'?

Therefore, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum appeals to all concerned that the Allahabad High Court's verdict be treated as the end of the judicial process in this issue.

4. The government's word:

Those who opposed the presidential reference dated 7th January 1993 said the question was academic and vague and did not serve any constitutional purpose. The Supreme Court asked the solicitor-general to clarify. The solicitor-general responded with a written statement on behalf of the central government on September 14, 1994. He said the government would treat the finding of the court on the question of fact raised in the presidential reference as a verdict which is final and binding. Government's action in this regard will be even-handed in respect of both the communities. If the question referred is answered in the affirmative, namely, that a Hindu temple/structure did exist prior to the construction of the demolished structure, government action will be in support of the wishes of the Hindu community.

Now that the AHC has unanimoulsy upheld the FACT that a Hindu Temple pre-dated the Babri structure and since the Government of India had given a written undertaking to the Supreme Court on 14th Sept. 1994, the Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum demands that the UPA Govt. now honour its word.

5. Shia-Sunni dispute

But what is surprising is that while the Shia Muslims are magnanimous in offering the entire site for constructing a Ram Temple, it is the Sunni Muslims who are on the war path. Babar was a Shia Muslim and the Babri structure was a Shia structure. Shias and Sunnis are having separate Mosques and Graveyards. One does not go to the other. Then how can Sunni Muslims fight for this Shia structure? In fact, Sunni Muslims are bombing Shia mosques and killing Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. But in India, they ostensibly come to the rescue of Shia Muslims when Shias themselves don't want them.

6. Make law for building the Temple.

Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum is all for a negotiated settlement of the dispute. Since Shia Muslims are already ready, the Sunni Muslims should give up their claim on the 1/3 plot and pave the way for building a magnificent Ram Temple at Ayodhya. In the absence of any negotiated settlement, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum demands that the parliament pass a law giving the entire disputed land to Hindus for building the temple for Sri Ram.

P. Deivamuthu
Founder-President, Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum (Regd.)
Editor, Hindu Voice (Monthly)
Editor, National Spirit (Weekly).

Mumbai, Dated: 13th October 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Books

New Booklets Published by us.

1. Hindus Beware!

(Our Unity, Integrity, Freedom, Democracy and Fundamental Rights are in danger)This is a small booklet of 16 pages in 1/8th size. It contains excerpts from an interview of a Jamaat-e-Islami leader in Pakistan. He has revealed the ideology of Islam, by extensively quoting Quran and Hadith. It is important that every Hindu is aware of this ideology of Islam, and realises how dangerous it is for our Unity, Integrity, Freedom, Democracy and Fundamental Rights and also for Women. Buy at least 100 copies and distribute them among your friends and wellwishers. It is a National Service.

Cost for 100 copies: Rs.250/- (RPP charges included) (Per copy Rs.3/- + Rs.4/- for Book Post!)

2. The Need For a Hindu Nation

By P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice

A small booklet of 16 pages in 1/8th size, it explains how Hindus and Hinduism are being ill-treated by the present government, and the need for establishing a pro-Hindu government as a precursor to a Hindu Nation.

Cost for 100 copies: Rs.250/- (RPP charges included) (Per copy Rs.3/- + Rs.4/- for Book Post!)

3. Say proudly 'I am a Hindu'

A small booklet of 16 pages in 1/8th size, it explains the need for saying with pride that 'I am a Hindu'. It details how Hinduism is respected in all Western countries, opposite to the treatment it receives from pervertede secularists in India.

Cost for 100 copies: Rs.250/- (RPP charges included) (Per copy Rs.3/- + Rs.4/- for Book Post!)

All the three Booklets are available in Hindi also, at the same rate.

Contact Publishers:

Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum (Regd.)

(A NGO promoted by Hindu Voice)

210 Abhinav, 2nd Floor, Teen Dongri, Yeshwant Nagar,

Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062. Tel: 28764460, 09324728153

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About HJIF

HINDU JOURNALISTS & INTELLECTUALS FORUM is a NGO promoted by Hindu Voice, a monthly espousing the cause of Hindutva. ( HJIF is registered as a Public Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 - Regn. No. E-25872(M) dated 15th July 2009.

The Broad Aims & Objects of HJIF, as per the Trust Deed, are as under:
a) To promote and propagate the glory of Sanatan Hindu Dharm and Bharat Matha, by all available means. (b) To organise discussions, debates, seminars, conference etc. on matters affecting Hindus. (c) To undertake printing and publishing of Books, Periodicals, Pamphlets, etc. promoting Nationalism, National Spirit, (d) To establish a TV channel (This clause is not approved by the Charity Commissioner). (e) To promote and propagate Hindu Religion, Vedas, Yoga, our hoary culture and tradition, and to preserve our heritage. (f) To inculcate and propagate spiritual and moral values .... (g) To give exposure to various Hindu Service Organasations by Organising Exhibitions, Get-togethers, etc. (h) To act as a Forum for research on different Faiths and Beliefs, and publish its findings. (i) To eradicate inequality, casteism, racism and other social evils in the society. plus some general activities, such as running hospitals, schools, orphanage, etc.

In short, any activity to protect and promote Sanatan Hindu Dharm and Hindu/National cause can be undertaken by HJIF.
We had organised a Lecture Programme on "Science in Vedas" on 24th October 2009, in Dadar, Mumbai, by Dr. PVN Murthy. It was attended by about 100 persons. The Programme was appreciated by any one.

Under clause 4(n) of the Trust Deed, the Board of Trustees have powers "to frame schemes, bye-laws, rules and regulations to enrol members and to conduct their meetings". Accordingly, we have decided to enrol members. There will be only one category of members - i.e. Individual Life - with a one time payment of Rs.1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only). Every member will be issued a Membership Card, and their name will appear in Hindu Voice too. From among the members, a few members (maximum ten only) may be co-opted in the Board of Trustees, as Representatives of Members, for a specified period.

An organisation’s strength is its members. The more the members are, the more is the strength and worth of the organisation. I would therefore request all concerned and awakened Hindus to join HJIF, by filling up the Membership Application Form (specimen given below). Also, please consider actively participating in the activities of the Forum, so that HJIF becomes an effective Forum of Hindu intellectuals, for not only protecting Sanatan Hindu Dharm but also for challenging anti-Hindus and anti-Nationals.

My plan is to have a few thousand members all over India with Chapters in different States and major cities, Mumbai being the head quarters. With such a network, HJIF will be a force to reckon with and will act as the protector and propagator of Hinduism.

Our immediate aim is to launch an English Weekly, NATIONAL SPIRIT, for which I have already got RNI permission. Many activities can be undertaken by HJIF and I welcome suggestions, guidance and participation from all members, to make HJIF an effective Hindu NGO.

Needless to say, the activities of HJIF will be published in Hindu Voice (as well as in National Spirit when launched). All the three entities - Hindu Voice, National Spirit and HJIF - will work shoulder-to-shoulder.

P. Deivamuthu
Hindu Voice,
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Mumbai 400062
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Hindu Journalists & Intellectuals Forum
210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri, Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062.
(A Public Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950)
(Regn. No. E-25872(M) dated 15th July 2009.)

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